BENWIS Tempered Glass Screen Protector -- Keep your phone screen away from broken

Release Date:2013-12-4      Views:1572

Manufactured by high precision mould, perfectly fits the phone
Made of imported material with high tenacity
Best 0.3mm thickness supply the best protection.

Easy to Stick on your phone.

Good protection exquisite hand feeling
Compatible model: for many brand phone and models

Product features:

1.Surface is anti-oil processing (Oleo phobic coating), so fingerprints and oil is not easy to stay surface, easy to clean. 
2.Full bonding, automatic adsorption can be repeated bonded 
3.Fully transparent: very thin, chemically treated transparent tempered glass. 
4.Surface hardness: The surface has a hardness of 8-9h, It is 9 times stronger than ordinary glasses. Tool and keys are not cuts 
5.Delicated touch: the back of strong adhesives, easy to install, close to the screen, and therefore does not affect the touch sensitivity of the touch screen. 
6.Explosion-proof, shatter-resistant glass breaks into small piece of sharp, more secure than other glass products