BENWIS Adjustable Mobile Phone Monopod for iPhone 6/6 plus,for Samsung,for LG,for HTC mobile phone

Release Date:2015-4-11      Views:1731

BENWIS Adjustable Mobile Phone Monopod for iPhone 6/6 plus,Samsung,LG,HTC mobile phone

  • For apple series products,don't need install any software can be used with take line,open the cameras can ictures.suitable model with apple iPhones and iPads

  • For andriod mobile phone,because andriod system is open system,each brand be modified according to its own ideas of mobile phone function,formulation,no untified standard and even the same brand of different versions of the system design,the configuration is also different,so part of the mobile phone cannot be used directly,need to install the APP to use such as in 360.for such as:samsung note3,note2,s4,GT-I9128E system version a new configuration such as high mobile phone,do not need to install the APP,but need to change my camera settings the note3,for example,other brands or mobile phone,please efer to the following instructions,combined with the actual situation of mobile phone set.

  • NOTE:the software installation,go to the android mall free downloads 360 photosware or other canera photo camera.


  • 1st step:put the mobile into the phone clamp,if the clamp is too large,plase use gasket
  • 2nd step:fix the mobile phone clamp on the screw
  • 3rd step:stretch the monopod
  • 5th step:focus on yourself and push the "press"