BENWIS Mini Q2 Inear Bluetooth CSR4.0 earphone for cell phone

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Mini Q2
most of the mobile phone
Black Gold White

V4.0+EDR bluetooth version helps your phone save more power and improve its working time.


Specifications of benwis mini Q2 bluetooth earphone

Item  Benwis mini Q2 bluetooth earphone
Function Bluetooth, noise cancelling
The weight of 6g
Bluetooh version bluetooth v4.0
Talk time 8 hours
Charger interface micro USB
Color  black, white, gold
Battery type Lithium battery rechargeable, not replaced

Intelligent Bluetooth Headset

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Technical Parameters of Benwis mini Q2 bluetooth earphone

Bluetooth version: V4.0 + EDR

Bluetooth mode: Headset hands-free A2DP Profile

Radio frequecy: 2.4GHz ISM

Power Charger: AC Input 110V-240V DC Output SV

Music time: about 6H

Talking time: about 8H

Standby: about 100H


Boot operation:

Long press the power button 6 to 8 seconds, until indicator light into red and blue lights flashing in the state of the letting go(this process will appear blue lights flashing when don't let it go, continue to hold down), and this time you can search the bluetooth headset, mobile phone and matching connection,


Boot operation caution:

bluetooth headset boot after 2 minutes have to make connection, otherwise must be switched on.

 Shutdown operation:

Close the bluetooth headset button, red light flashing afer 2 times in a row, go out is turned off.


Indicator and the sounds of the tip:

1. blue, red light flashing as startup state to search quickly.

2. headphones quick beeps 3 tiems for low battery indication.

3. the red light is often the for charging status, after full of lights to blue.



1. the bluetooth headset original pairing password is 0000 by default.

2. docking success, indicator light blue lights flashing 3 times quickly after the blue lights will shine every 7 seconds at a time.

3. boot state to search duration is 2 minutes, in 2 minutes if no complete pairing its mobile phones; headset automatically into the blue light is slow scintillation standby power saving state, if you still need to search, you press the power button for 5 seconds after the bluebooth headset you repeat the steps.

4. intelligent switch method in both Chinese and English

According to the matching state(light red and blue flashing) fast double click the power button, so as to complete the switch.

Pictures of  benwis mini Q2 bluetooth earphone