BENWIS H200 deep bass wired denoise shock gaming headphone with LED shining

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PC+TPU+High quality leather
For USB 3.0 connector computer or notebook.
1. Ergonomic head beam design;
2. Individual gold-plated USB plug for power supply, anti-tension and anti-interference cable;
3. Denoise microphone;
4. Cool shining design;
5. Full-face leather earmuffs;
6. NO.1 voice quality, specialize for game;
7. Game mode.


1. Plug type: USB3.0
2. Speaker diameter: ¢40MM
3. Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHZ
4. Speaker impedance: 32 ohm
5. Speaker sensitivity: 122DB/MW(at1khz)
6. Vibrator diameter: ¢30MM
7. Vibrator impedance: 8 ohm
8. Microphone diameter: ¢6MM
9. MIC sensitivity: -56DB
10.  MIC directivity: Omni-directional
11.  USB cable length: 1.8M

1. Ergonomic head beam design

Multi-point to support effective pressure, relieve weight of the head, it is suitable for various types of headform's wearing and the first beam resiliently is flexible. Suitable for long-term wearing, would not clip your ear and nip your head, more comfortable.

2. Individual gold-plated USB plug for power supply, anti-tension and anti-interference cable.

Gold-plated USB power plug, effectively preventing insufficient of power supply and signal loss, to prevent voice distortion, using anti-tensioned and anti-interferential cable. The cable is also anti-radiational, to avoid radiation damage to human health.

3. Denoise microphone

Headphone are made with anti-interferential and denoised MIC. High sensitivity keeps calling voice clear, smooth and not interrupted.

4. Cool shining design

The earmuffs and MIC would shine brilliant blue light, makes the headphone eye-catching. Creating a new fantasy realm for you set off by the super bright LED light.

5. Full-face leather earmuffs

Headphones cortex earmuffs, wear comfortable, denoised sponge can reduce outside noise effectively and it is all-inclusive to ears. Soft and delicate touch, so that you will focus on the delicate voice and voice in the game.

6. NO.1 voice quality, specialize for game

¢40MM speaker driving unit provides high quality low, mid and high frequency voice, open voice and precise positioning, it is tailor-made for professional gaming. Customize exclusive games sound for you.

7. Game mode

For different game mode, there is a game sound optimization setting on control box, it is available to resize according to player hearing demand. At the same time, there are 2 sound mode you can set up, it is convenient to adjust the mode any time during game playing.