13" A1989/A1706/A1708/A2159 Dual color Macbook pro case 2019

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Dual material combine injection case for Macbook 13 inch

Great design

Anti fingerprint

Super tenacity

Feel comfortable


1. Classic design, smooth lines
Created by the master team, it conforms to ergonomic design and leads the trend.

2. Thin and strong, soft glue four corner edging
The soft TPU and hard PC material is formed and combine made, with excellent technology. Ultra thin, seamless fit ensures comprehensive protection, wear and fall resistance, and comfortable feel.

3. Original machine data, accurate hole position
The micro buckle design is adopted, which is simple to disassemble and eliminate ash storage.

4. Frosted, semi fog permeable surface
Seiko molds have a delicate feel on the surface without fingerprints, so as to avoid dirt, abrasion and falling caused by daily use.

5. Split rubber pad (patented design)
Anti skid heat dissipation, easy to replace.

6. Environmentally friendly material, firm and flexible
Imported environmental protection raw materials, firm and flexible, can be bent arbitrarily without cracking.

7. Multi color options, custom colors are also acceptable
Meet multi-color selection, more fashionable.

8. Suitable for different versions of Apple MacBook tablet.
Macbook Air
Macbook pro

9. Environmentally friendly PE bag packaging, which can accept the packaging materials provided by customers.
Packaging style