Transparent Airpods Pro case (2nd generation)

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1. Simple design, classic fashion
Created by the master team, smooth lines and lead the trend.

2. 360 ° all inclusive protection, split design of upper and lower covers
360 ° all inclusive protection, dustproof and fall proof, and the charging chamber can be opened without obstacles to ensure a good sense of experience.

3. Original data, accurate hole position
Reserve charging interface and indicator light hole for barrier free charging to facilitate viewing charging status.

4. Overall transparent, inner wall mesh texture
Seiko mold, surface high gloss treatment, convenient cleaning, inner wall mesh texture, anti watermark, more scientific and technological sense.

5. Metal hook, anti loss design
The surface of the hook is coated to ensure anti-corrosion and more convenient to carry.

6. Environmentally friendly material, firm and flexible
Preferred environmental protection raw materials, non slip and scratch proof, delicate and skin friendly, comfortable to hold.

7. Transparent optional, custom colors are also acceptable
Meet multi-color selection, more fashionable.

8. Suitable for different versions of Apple's airpods protective case
Airpods (generation 1 / 2)
AirPods Pro
Airpods (3rd generation)

9. Environmentally friendly carton packaging, packaging materials provided by customers are acceptable.
Packaging style