60/61/67W 13/14" Macbook pro power adapter case with winding arm

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1. Frosted feel, food grade PP material. Wear resistant and fall proof to avoid dirt, scratch and fall caused by daily use.
2. Original mold data, accurate matching,
3. Integrated structure, easy to slide and disassemble charger, easier to use.
4. Make your desktop cleaner. Protect the charging cable from excessive bending, resulting in skin wear, making the charging cable more durable.
5. The hidden winding arm makes the protective case smaller. It can easily wind the charging cable when unfolded. It can save space and facilitate storage.
6. The length adjustable rubber belt is convenient to adjust the length and storage of the charging cable.
7. Spiral thread end protection rubber can effectively prevent the material from cracking.
8. Exposed label design, beautiful and heat dissipation.

9. Applicable to national version power supply. This power charger protective cover is specially developed for Apple macbook charger.