10.2" iPad case (iPad 9)

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1. Classic design of armor elements, smooth lines.
It is made of soft rubber around, and the rear shell is highly transparent. It is not only light and ultra-thin, but also durable. At the same time, it feels comfortable to grasp.

2. Original machine data, accurate hole position.
Independent keys are used to ensure the pressing feeling of the original machine

3. Anti fingerprint, anti scratch and wear resistance, anti-seismic and anti fall, super airbag protection
It has strong impact resistance, and a height is reserved for the soft rubber part to effectively protect the camera,
A certain gap is reserved in the middle part contacting the desktop, which is conducive to heat dissipation and will not scratch.

4. Support multi angle standing, 
Supports the browse Tiktok from two directions Horizontal and vertical by iPad, which are to help you browse content without obstacles.

5. The bracket can be adjusted to accommodate and hide
The erected bracket can adjust different angles according to needs, and can be stored and hidden when the bracket is not used

6. Environmentally friendly material, firm and flexible
Extrusion without deformation, soft and hard glue combination, more comprehensive protection

7. Color contrast design of part decorative.
Meet multi-color selection, more fashionable

8. Hidden pen slot on the side for adsorption charging
The Apple pencil will be cleverly attached to the side of the iPad.

9. Suitable for different versions of Apple iPad.
The case designed for Apple iPad 8.3 ", 10.2", 11 ", 12.9"