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BENWIS laptop backpack


  • Main material Cordura Nylon 1000D
  • Water splashing prevention process
  • Beetle shaped
  • 3D cutting and sewing
  • Scientific allocation of functional areas

BENWIS laptop backpack is a classic laptop backpack created by top international designers for Macbooks under 16 inches. The product is positioned as modern in design, fully functional, wear-resistant and durable, very suitable for students, office workers, and those who frequently use laptops.

The appearance adopts a biomimetic Beetle shape, and adopts three-dimensional cutting and stitching, with a stunning appearance, making the backpack no longer look like rectangular bricks. Under its slender shape, it provides huge storage space, reflecting the designer’s pragmatic concept of perfectly combining appearance and space.

The fabric is made of Cordura 1000D nylon fabric, which is authorized by INVISTA, and is specifically designed for top-level backpack materials. This is a functional fabric with high mechanical strength. The special structure of Cordura fabric endows it with excellent wear resistance, tear resistance, unparalleled strength, good hand feel, as well as characteristics such as lightweight, soft, stable color, and easy care. The surface of the fabric has a 4-level anti splash treatment, ensuring the safety of your backpack material.
Note: Cordura fabric is a leading technology product. Under the same weight, the durability of Cordura fabric is twice that of standard nylon fabric, three times that of polyester fabric, and ten times that of cotton canvas fabric, respectively. In fact, due to the excellent fatigue strength and durability of CORDURA fabric, leading armies around the world are using this product to manufacture high-performance military equipment. Cordura has been separated from DuPont and is owned by INVISTA.

Authentic YKK zipper with specially designed square hole pull tab provides a first-class experience. The space for storing the laptop in the back panel is specially designed with a seam, and there is a partition layer at the bottom for shock absorption to ensure machine safety. The middle compartment is specially designed for iPad protection, with an inner lining that sets it apart from the single layer lining of most backpacks on the market. Reserve small pockets at the handle for easy placement of small items. Each functional area is reasonably and scientifically allocated, with reserved power banks, mouse, pen inserts, water bottle bags, and other features. The thoughtful design can be seen everywhere, fully demonstrating care.

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