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BENWIS Pencil Max


  • Larger battery, maximum 15.2 hours continuous using
  • More reasonable button position
  • Smooth writing
  • Palm rejection
  • Tilt sensitivity
  • Attaches magnetically

Shipping dimensions: 21×5.2×2(cm)
Gross weight: 80g

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BENWIS pencil max is an economical alternative pen for iPads, perfect for people who need long battery life, such as students taking notes, drawing, and more, Compatible with Procreate/GoodNotes software. Built in 230mAh larger capacity battery, the pencil uses an ultra-low energy chip and can be used continuously for about 15.2 hours. The charging time is about 40 minutes, the standby time is 10-12 months, and the stylus is set to automatically shut down after 90 minutes, which is about one class. When the battery is low, the red light will flash. At this time, charging for 5 minutes can provide emergency use for 1 hour. The product is exquisitely crafted and has a strong texture. The pencil tip can be replaced, and comes with 3 additional pen tips. The pen tips are made of ultra wear-resistant POM material. Also with tilt pressure sensor, smooth writing, and palm rejection. The pencil has built-in magnetic adsorption, which can be adsorbed on the edge of the iPad, ensuring compatibility with the entire BENWIS series of accessories, greatly improving your efficiency in daily use.

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