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Active stylus pencil. Featured with palm rejection, true tilt sensitivity, quick charging, attaches magnetically. The tips also can be replaced.

Application for iPad series.

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  1. Double touch power on/off, Refuse touching off by mistake – Touch switch design, no need to connect Bluetooth, tap the pen cap twice to power on/off, say goodbye to the accidental touch shutdown, and have a better experience.
  2. Real time battery indicator – Add 3 led lights to show you power left, they will tell you when to start charging.
  3. Palm Rejection – Put your hand on screen naturally, just like writing on papers.
  4. Tilt sencitivity – The tilt sensitivity can capture the change of the strength of the painter. The finer the stroke, the higher the pressure, the better the fineness.
  5. High Accuracy High Sensitivity – The same experiences with official original pencil.
  6. Attaches Magnetically – The same“attaches magnetically” function as official pencil. (iPad 6/7/8 DO NOT support this function)
  7. Capactive stylus pen for iPad, a substitute for offical apple pencil.

Available iPad Models

iPad Air 3 (10.5″)—A2123/A2152/A2153/A2154

iPad Air 4 (10.9″)—A2316/A2325

iPad 6 (9.7″)———A1893/A1954

iPad 7/8 (10.2″)—–A2197/A2198/A2200/A2270/A2430

iPad Pro (11″)——–A1934/A1979/A1980/A2013/A2228/A2231

iPad Pro (12.9″)——A1876/A1895/A1983/A2014/A2229/A2233

iPad mini 5 (7.9″)—-A2124/A2125/A2126/A2133

iPad mini 6 (8.3″)—-A2567/A2568/A2569



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