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Bidirectional split Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad series


  • Free adsorption
  • Horizontal and vertical bidirectional hinges
  • Free angle adjustment
  • Third level backlight
  • Lightweight and portable
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BENWIS bidirectional split Bluetooth keyboard case, the keyboard part and iPad protective case of this product are connected by magnetic suction, and the two parts can be easily and freely disassembled. When the keyboard is not needed, the iPad can be easily freed from the keyboard, allowing consumers to freely switch between the keyboard and the protective case. The back of the iPad protective case adopts a cleverly designed cross shaped hinge, which ensures that the iPad stand can be freely opened in both horizontal and vertical directions. The hinge is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 2.5mm, and the damping strength meets the requirement that the iPad stand can freely adjust its angle. This bidirectional hinge design is significantly different from most products on the market, which can only achieve stand function from one direction. and avoids the defect of a single angle that cannot be adjusted. At the same time, the keyboard adopts an ultra-thin design and comes with a three-level backlight to meet various environmental needs. The product is made of soft PU material in the manufacturing process, with a fully wrapped edge design process, which has excellent anti drop performance. The entire product is exquisitely crafted, with an ultra-thin design that is convenient to carry and can greatly improve your work efficiency.

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