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Foldable Magnetic Car Charger Mount


  • Compatible with Qi II
  • MagSafe Compatibility
  • Rotatable 360°
  • Foldable180°Adjustable Angle
  • Scalable adjustable length

BENWIS Foldable magnetic car charger mount with semi-stick pad is a newly designed car holder with wireless charging, which can adjust the angle from the XYZ three-dimensional direction, including a 360 degree rotation angle in the X direction, 180 degree folding angle in the Y direction, and scalable length in the Z direction. It fully demonstrates the freedom of mobile phone application scenarios, allowing your phone to have a safe position to fix and improve driving safety. This car mount is designed specifically for standalone screens like Tesla, which are not suitable for embedded screens, but can come with a semi adhesive pad installed above the center console. It can also be pasted in the kitchen and desktop where you want to use it. The most important thing is that this foldable magnetic car charger mount is compatible with the latest standards of Qi2 and supports 15W fast charging of iPhone. This product is suitable for phones with iPhone 12 and above versions and is the perfect choice for driving.

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