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Magnetic Suspension Keyboard Case for iPad 10th Generation 10.9‘’ (2022)


  • Magnetic suspension is convenient to use
  • Ultra-thin design is convenient to carry
  • Digital display power is clear at a glance
  • Multi-touch is more sensitive
  • intelligent sleep wakes up with one button

BENWIS magnetic suspension keyboard case is designed for iPad tablets, and the product is made of wear-resistant and skin friendly PU and microfiber, providing a comfortable feel. The rotating shaft adopts aluminum alloy anode sandblasting technology, and the damping meets the requirements of light opening and heavy closing, providing an excellent experience. The key core is upgraded with scissors legs, making typing comfortable. The upgraded metal Multi-touch board can realize various touch gesture menus. PU bonding adopts the original factory pressure maintaining process to ensure that the turning point of the magnetic suspension bracket is clear and textured. The keyboard is equipped with a digital display of battery level, intelligent sleep one button wake-up function, and the bracket has a magnetic suspension function, making it very convenient to use. The entire product is exquisitely crafted, with an ultra-thin design that is convenient to carry, greatly improving your work efficiency.

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