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Dual Retractable pet leash


  • 360 ° rotation
  • Independent control of two dog’s retractable ropes
  • LED flashlight
  • Soft rubber comfortable handle
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Considering that everyone’s hand size is different, BENWIS has designed an open structure pet leash, which effectively solves the problem of size and is more suitable for most people to use. This dog walker has a unique design that fundamentally differs from the circular structure on the market, with an open structure providing greater safety assurance. The retractable rope is equipped with shock absorbers, making the pet leash more durable and less prone to damage.

This dual retractable pet leash can walk two dogs at the same time. The 3-meter-long high-strength polyester rope provides enough space for dogs to move around, and when the dogs run cross, the main body can rotate 360 degrees without knots on the rope. A quick lock and unlock button is installed at the handle to independently control the length of the retractable rope, allowing for free control of the distance between the two dogs. LED flashlights can maximize visibility and safety when walking at night, and can be selected according to needs. The handle is covered with soft rubber, providing a comfortable feel. The entire structure and configuration are very reasonable. The rope is 3.0 meters long and suitable for use by small and medium-sized dogs.

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