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Retractable pet leash


  • Open structure
  • Anti winding design with curved leash mouth
  • Built-in lighting
  • Soft rubber handle
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Considering that everyone’s hand size is different, BENWIS has designed an open structure pet leash, which effectively solves the problem of size and is more suitable for most people to use. This dog walker has a unique design that looks like a unicorn, fundamentally distinguishing it from the circular structure on the market. The open structure provides more safety assurance. Arc shaped leash mouth with anti winding design and equipped with high-strength polyester woven rope. Unique built-in lighting and locking button for controlling rope length, easy to use. The handle is covered with soft TPU material, providing a comfortable feel. The exterior surface of the mold is treated with high gloss, which looks very technological. The entire structure and configuration are very reasonable. The rope is 3.6 meters long and suitable for use by small and medium-sized dogs.

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