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Intelligent power bank


  • Multiple safety protection (current, voltage, power, temperature, short circuit, fire prevention)
  • Multiple devices charging simultaneously
  • The solution is safe and not harmful to the machine
  • And fast charging is fully protocol compatible
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BENWIS intelligent digital display power bank is a fully protocol compatible super fast charging device that supports up to 22.5W fast charging protocols and is backward compatible. It is equipped with high-quality polymer lithium battery cells and adopts a safe storage and discharge scheme, supporting multiple devices to share charging at the same time, ensuring safety without damaging the machine. It is a classic design, safe and reliable intelligent power bank. The design capacity of 20000mAh is the best travel choice. This mobile power supply is equipped with a fully protocol compatible embedded charging cable for easy storage. The entire product is exquisitely crafted, with an ultra-thin design that is convenient to carry, greatly improving your work efficiency.

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